Physical description




Hair color

Light brown

Eye color


Skin color



San Francisco

  • College student
  • Barista

Went on a date with Violet Morgan

Character information
First appearance

Chosen Chapter 3: Under the Full Moon

Last appearance

Chosen Chapter 12: The Curious Case of Duncan Phillips

Portrayed by

Zach Gilford


Zach is a mortal college student and a member of the football team. He was a friend of Craig and was interested in Violet Morgan.


Zach became friends with Craig at the beginning of the year and was unaware of his true nature as a Wendigo. When Craig asked out Billie, he mentioned Zach was interested in Violet, who agreed to go on the date to get her mind off Duncan, whom she secretly had a crush on.

During the date at P3, Violet discovered that Zach was actually very nice and found herself attracted to him a little. He told her that he was a geek in high school until he started practicing sports. Billie later spilled a drink on him in an attempt get Craig alone and vanquish him. However, Zach saw them leave and followed them into an alley. Once there, Craig attacked Zach and ripped open his chest.

After Craig was chased off, Violet called Mikelle and she managed to heal him in time. She then used Memory Dust to make him forget what had happened.

Violet ran into Zach again while showing her parents around the campus. She learned he was working at the coffee shop there. However, they did not have much time to talk, as Violet's mother mistook Zach for her boyfriend and made him feel uncomfortable.


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