This spell was created by Penelope Halliwell to banish the the Woogyman into the Nexus. After trapping the shadow demon, she taught the spell to her granddaughters as a nursery rhyme.

The Charmed Ones later used the spell several times to banish the Woogyman back into it's prison. Phoebe Halliwell later taught her daughters the spell as a nursery rhyme as well, in case the demon ever returned. The spell can also be used to vanquish the Woogyman when it is used without a location to banish it to.

Payton Halliwell later used a shortened version of the spell to banish a nest of Goblins, which are small shadow-like creatures.

The SpellEdit

Original version
"I am Light, I am one too strong to fight,
Return to dark where shadows dwell
You cannot have this Halliwell
Now go away, and leave my sight,
And take with you, this endless night."
Goblin version
I am light, I am one too strong to fight,
Now go away and leave my sight,
And take with you, this endless night.

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