"It is a magical period of time in which a person must choose between good and evil. When a witch gains her powers, she has 48 hours to decide. Guess it works different for half-breeds."
Billie Jenkins

The Window of Opportunity is the period of time in which individuals choose between good and evil. It was designed by both forces to maintain free will.

When witches come into their powers later in life, they are given a window of 48 hours to choose between good and evil. During this time, both sides can influence and manipulate these witches, which is why evil considers it a flaw in the Grand Design they can take advantage of.

When a child is born from the union of a witch and a warlock, the window works in a different manner. As these two species are considered two sides of the same coin, their children will remain witches until they commit an act of true evil, at which point they will forever lose their souls and become warlocks.

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