A Vision Quest is a spiritual journey to enlightenment or self-discovery. The ceremony is practiced by Shamans, though anyone with the knowledge can perform one. Those who undergo the quest are often accompanied by a spirit guide.

To start a vision quest, one must drink a potion to go into a deep slumber. Once asleep, they cannot wake up until they have found the answers they are looking for.



In 2003, Phoebe Halliwell went on a vision quest with the help of Enola, a Shaman and student at Magic School. On her quest, Phoebe was guided by a wolf and learned that Chris was Piper and Leo's son. One year later, Leo went on a vision quest with help of Phoebe, as he was being tormented by floating creature heads. He was guided by Chris and learned that all he had been through had been for the greater good.


After several traumatic events, Billie Jenkins went on a vision quest to find inner peace, as she was blaming herself for what happened. Her quest manifested as a court trial to see whether she truly deserved the blame or not. Her spirit guide was Mikelle. She eventually accepted what happened and was cleared of all charges. Mikelle then showed her several flashes of the future before she left.

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