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Chosen, A New Chapter

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Chosen Chapter 15: We Have History

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Felicia Day

Violet Morgan is a latent witch born to two mortals. Along with Billie Jenkins and Duncan Phillips, she is a member of the Chosen. Although she was originally new to the magical world, she has learned quickly and is a talented spell writer. She is also a Child of Destiny, born with the power of premonition and time travel, allowing her to ensure that destiny follows its intended course.


Early LifeEdit

Violet was born to two mortal teenagers with little money and no place to call home. Because they could not give her the life she deserved, they decided to give her up for adoption. Since Violet was born with the rare power to alter the course of destiny, Gideon intervened and ensured she was adopted by Margaret and Edwin Morgan so she would have a safe home. He also bound her powers until she was ready for them.

Violet grew up as the only child of the Morgans, living in San Francisco. She had a normal childhood and was unaware of her magical heritage for most of her life. She always considered her adoptive parents her family, and never asked about them.

Becoming a WitchEdit

During her sophomore year in college, Violet helped organizing a charity run with her favorite professor, Helen York. One night, Helen became the victim of a Grimlock, who has sought out her good soul to feed on. Violet was crushed by the death of her favorite professor and was strangely drawn to the scene of the crime. Once there, Violet experienced her first premonition and saw how her professor was killed.

Meanwhile Paige Matthews met with the Elder Sandra and the whitelighter Mikelle. They informed her that a new witch at the campus was meant to become one of the Chosen, a new group of witches who could take over from the retired Charmed Ones. At the same time, Violet was freaking out about what happened. When she watched the news, she gained another premonition about two girls who had been kidnapped by the Grimlock for their eyesight.

Violet was later tracked down by the other members of the Chosen, Billie Jenkins and Duncan Phillips, through the use of a spell. They, along with Paige and Mikelle then explained to her that she was in fact a witch. Violet then told them about her premonitions, leading the others to conclude that it was a Grimlock behind the murders. The three young witches then performed a ritual to share their destiny and power, becoming the Chosen.

Through her premonitions, Violet led the others to the Grimlock's lair, only to be captured in the tunnels. There she found the little girls from her premonition and was rescued by Billie.

The FirestarterEdit

Because Violet was new to being a witch, her new friends Duncan and Billie set out to teach her more about magic. Meanwhile Violet and Duncan started to suspect that Billie was hiding something from them. After saving the young Firestarter Tyler from demons, Billie decided to share her past with them, revealing her past mistakes.

The WendigoEdit

After being friends for a while, Violet found herself attracted to Duncan and wanted to be more than friends. This was quickly noticed by Billie, who encouraged her to ask him out. However, Violet was too nervous to do so, and Billie agreed to go on a date with a guy named Craig and his friend Zach to get her mind off things.

The two witches later discovered that Duncan was infected by a Wendigo and desperately found a way to free him of the curse before it was permanent. They entered a reluctant alliance with a Witch Hunter named Jake Porter, who worked as a police inspector. Through a premonition Violet learned that Craig was in fact the Wendigo they were searching for and agreed to set a trap during their date. Meanwhile, Violet learned that Zach was actually a really nice and charming guy, but she was still thinking about Duncan.

When Billie and Violet tried to vanquish Craig, Zach suddenly appeared and was nearly killed. While Billie and Jake stormed after Craig, Violet called Mikelle in order to heal Zach. Mikelle succeeded and also made him forget what happened with memory dust. When the Wendigo was vanquished, Duncan returned to normal and the Chosen later vanquished the Wendigo's master, Romulus, a member of the Brotherhood.

The following morning, Violet finally gathered her courage to ask Duncan out. She was heartbroken when he told her he couldn't, because he was gay. While both feeling uneasy, Violet assured him that they were still friends, but she later broke down in tears in front of Billie.

The TitanEdit

In "Rise of the Titan", Violet and the others were called upon to stop the Titan Prometheus and met the current Guardian of Pandora's Box, Hope. After working together, they managed to stop Prometheus and another member of The Brotherhood, the Harpy Queen was vanquished. Meanwhile, Violet was still very hurt by what had happened between her and Duncan and did not speak to him for two weeks. However, after he was nearly killed by a Harpy, she realized that she cared deeply about him as a friend and was able to move on.

Survivor IslandEdit

Along with her friends, Violet was trapped on Survivor Island by the warlock Bacarra as part of his revival of "Witch Wars". Violet found herself in the company of Arthur and the two grew closer. During her time on the island, Violet also gained the ability to stop time, which allowed the Chosen to vanquish the Hellhound hunting them.

The Gemini FactorEdit

Some later, Violet gathered the courage to ask Arthur out on an official date. They got to know each other better, though the date had to be cut short due to her friends needing her to defeat a pair of warlock twins.

City of DarknessEdit

After the Brotherhood trapped the entire city outside of time and space, Violet's powers were not working properly. She had a disturbing dream and feared one of her loved ones would die. Her fear came true when Mikelle was killed by the demon Klea, which devastated her.

Since their allies had been kidnapped by vampires, the Chosen went to free them; Irena was soon killed by Taylor, and Billie took advantage of the others' unconsciousness, to go to the town hall and kill Klea.

The trial of Billie Jenkins Edit

Violet went to breakfast with Arthur and he told her that an anthropologist specializing in the study of wizards, wanted him on his research team for a three month expedition. The two also talked about Billie and Arthur came up with the idea of submitting she to a Vision Quest.

Violet also talked about it with Duncan and the two friends, they managed to convince Billie to undertake the Vision Quest. While Billie was asleep, Duncan told Violet that she should not feel guilty, for the happiness her love story gave her, and she admitted that she did not know how to feel about Arthur being away for three months.

Violet realized that Duncan was not really sleeping, and that he had gone somewhere with his powers, and when he told her he was not ready to talk about it, Violet replied that there were no problems.

The two were attacked by Makayla Porter, who revealed their identity to them and threatened to torture them to death, if they did not reveal how to break the barrier that protected Billie. Fortunately Billie woke up just in time to defeat Mac, and the Chosen used a spell to erase her memory.

Violet went to the Magic School where she had a brief meeting with Leo. Shortly thereafter Arthur told her that the interview had gone well and that he would leave within two days. Not wanting to be an obstacle, Violet told him to go and that she would wait for him; Arthur offered to go with him, but Violet replied that she could not leave school and friends. Before the boy left the two spent the last night together.

Las Vegas Edit

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Basic Powers

  • Spell Casting: The ability to cast spells and perform rituals.
  • Potion Making: The ability to brew magical potions.
  • Scrying: The ability to locate beings or objects with a crystal and a map.

Active Powers

  • Premonition: The ability to perceive visions of the past, present and future. These premonitions are often triggered through touching an object or being in a certain location.
  • Temporal Stasis: The ability to slow down or stop the flow of time. Violet first used this power as a panic reponse when a demon nearly killed Arthur. Her power affects a limited area and freezes everything in range, though she later learned to freeze and unfreeze selectively. Repeated use of this power is quite exhausting and will weaken the effects each time.
  • Time Travel: The ability to travel through time. Violet is able to travel trough time by focusing on a specific time and place.

Passive Powers

  • High Resistance: The ability to be highly resistant to physical and magical harm.

Notes and TriviaEdit

  • Violet was born to two mortals, similar to Melinda Warren. Just like Melinda, Violet was born with a special destiny and their powers are also similar.
  • Similar to Paige Matthews, Violet was given up for adoption and was left with a nun at a church.
  • All Violet's powers are based on and connected through the concept of time.