Violet's parents
Violet's Biological Parents
Physical description


Hair color
  • Red (mother)
  • Black (father)
Eye color
  • Hazel (mother)
  • Blue (father)
Skin color


Family information

Violet Morgan

Character information
Only appearance

Chosen Chapter 14: Past and Present Danger (premonition only)

Portrayed by

Holland Roden and Brendan Coughlin

Boy: "We can’t offer her anything. No food or clothes. Not even a home. She deserves more."
Girl: "We love her. We want what is best for her."
Violet's parents to a nun.

Violet's Biological Parents were two mortal teenagers who had a daughter. As runaways, they realized they could not take care of a child, since they had little money and no place to call home. Wanting what was best for their daughter, they decided to give her up for adoption and brought her to a church San Francisco.

Violet later witnessed the moment her parents gave her up through a premonition and realized it was an act of love, as they wanted her to grow up safe.

Notes and TriviaEdit

  • Despite both being mortal, their daughter turned out to be a witch due to her special destiny.


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