Victor Bennett
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February 16th, 1949


Prior to 2027

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San Francisco (formerly)




Divorced from Patty Halliwell; reunited in the afterlife

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Thank You For Not Morphing

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Forever Charmed

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James Read


Victor Bennett was a mortal man and was once the husband of Patty Halliwell. He is the father of the original three Charmed Ones, Prue, Piper and Phoebe. Victor did not find out this wife and daughters were witches until after the birth of his first daughter. This revelation caused many problems between the couple, as Victor believed magic was dangerous and did not want his daughters to become witches.

During the time their marriage was in trouble, Patty started a relationship with Sam Wilder, her Whitelighter. Patty and Victor were briefly united after Phoebe was born, but finalized their divorce in 1977. During this time, Patty was already pregnant with Sam's daughter, Paige, whose existence she kept a secret. Victor kept playing a part in the lives of his daughters even after Patty died and strongly disagreed with how Penny was raising the girls. He eventually left the family for good after a demon attacked on Piper's fifth birthday.

However, Victor returned into the lives of his daughters about twenty years later, shortly after they had become the Charmed Ones. Although the relationship was initially strained, the girls eventually let Victor back into their lives and he became a devoted father and grandfather.


Early LifeEdit

Victor was born on February 16, 1949 and had a "maniacal" sister, an aunt named Sylvia, and an alcoholic nephew or niece.


Victor got married to Patty Halliwell, but he never went to terms with his mother-in-law who did not want her daughter to marry a mortal. After the birth of his daughter Prue, Victor discovered that his wife and mother-in-law were witches and that even his daughters would be. Victor tried to adapt to that life but he could not. He and Patty often argued about how to handle the magical heritage of their daughters. Victor thought that magic was dangerous and would hurt his girls. He wanted to raise them as normal girls, while Patty (with Penny's support) wanted to raise them as witches. Beyond that Sam Wilder Patty's whitelighter, was inserted constantly in their life. Eventually exasperated by all this, Victor decided to leave the family, but then returned after the birth of his third daughter.

When Prue was six, Victor prevented her from being trapped in the ice cream truck, used to capture demonic children.

Divorce Edit

At one point Patty and Sam started a relationship, so she and Victor divorced. Victor left home, having no idea that Patty was pregnant with Sam. Initially after Patty's death, Victor tried to continue to be part of the life of his daughters, but his relations with Penny got worse and worse, until he decided to sever any relationship with his family, and to leave forever.



In "Four Witches and a Funeral", set in 2027, Victor has passed away due to a heart disease. In the afterlife, he reunited with his former wife Patty. Patty revealed this to Melinda in a conversation, although she asked her not to tell her parents, as Patty and Victor believed they would not understand.


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