Biographical information


Physical description

Void Demon



Hair color


Eye color
  • Blue (human form)
  • Pitch black (demonic form)
Skin color
  • Pale white (human form)
  • Pale blue (demonic form)
Magical characteristics
Active powers
Passive powers

Trapping victims in his void to feed on their suffering



Character information
Only appearance

Chosen Chapter 11: House Party

Portrayed by

Wes Bentley


Valefar is a Void Demon, a powerful kind of demon whose body is its own pocket dimension of darkness. He can open vortexes to his personal void, where he traps victims to feed on their suffering.


After Violet had a premonition, the Chosen saved an innocent from Valefar and believed they had vanquished him. However, the demon followed them home and decided to target them instead. He merged with the house and waited for the guests of their party to arrive. When the party got started, Valefar first trapped Darcy in his void. When Billie and Hope started looking for her, Valefar attempted to trap them as well, though Nick pushed Billie out of the way and was trapped instead.

When everyone became aware of Valefar's presence, they tried to leave and Hope became trapped. Paige then attempted to orb out and was nearly trapped, though Billie saved her. Valefar then targeted Don and Nathan and trapped them in the void. Realizing that the demon could see and hear everything, Violet cast a spell to communicate telepathically, allowing the witches to come up with a way to vanquish Valefar.

Knowing that something was wrong, Valefar decided the time for games was over and opened a large vortex to suck in the entire house. Although Paige was sucked in, the others found the athame with Valefar's blood. They cast a spell on the blade and Billie stabbed Valefar with it, destroying him and releasing his victims.


A spell to vanquish Valefar was written in the Warren Book of Shadows and copied to her own book by Billie Jenkins. It requires an athame covered with the blood of the demon. Once the spell is cast, Valefar must be stabbed with the enchanted blade.

"With wiccan words we witches implore,
To pierce the darkness at its core,
Enchant this blade with blood of the void,
To ensure this demon is destroyed."

Powers and AbilitiesEdit


Active Powers

  • Vortex Creation: The ability to summon violent vortexes leading to other planes or locations. Valefar could open vortexes to trap his victims in his darkness. His vortexes were powerful enough to potentially swallow entire houses.
  • Shadow Manipulation: The ability to manipulate shadows to various effects. Valefar could turn into a shadow to move around unnoticed.

Passive Powers

  • Intangibility: The ability to be intangible, allowing movement through solid matter. Due to his body being composed of darkness, Valefar possessed no true physical form. He could merge with surfaces in the physical world, including an entire house, placing it under his control.
  • Immortality: The ability to possess a possibly infinite lifespan and an arrested aging process.

Notes and TriviaEdit

  • The name Valefar is taken from the Ars Goetia, similar to other demons such as Barbas and Shax.
  • Valefar is partially based on the character Blackheart from the Ghost Rider film.


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