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Touch of Death is the ability to kill or vanquish beings with a touch, altough physical contact is not always required and it can be used from a distance.

This power will cause the victim to heat up from the inside, either causing them to ignite in flames, causing their skin to turn red or causing boils to form. In most cases, this power will cause an instant and painful death, though if the attack is interrupted, the victim will be left severely injured and will eventually die unless healed in time.

This ability is triggered by hate and could be considered an evil counterpart to healing, which is triggered by love.

List of UsersEdit


Kiss of DeathEdit

The Kiss of Death is possessed by the Siren, a demon who was once a mortal burned at the stake for having an affair with a married man. She possessed the power to incincerate her victim's lungs by kissing them, which would kill them almost instantly.

Poisonous TouchEdit

Poisonous Touch is the deadly ability to spread various poisons and infect others through skin contact. Depending on the type of poison used, this ability can be used to weaken, cause pain or kill targets as the user desires.

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