Thought Projection Kevin

Thought Projection is the ability to bring inanimate objects or drawings to life. It is triggered by vivid imagination and can be channeled through drawings or simply wishing something. This power is related to Projection, which is considered a more powerful ability with larger potential.


Kevin, a former witch destined to become an Elder, possesses this ability. He used it to bring his drawings to life, which could only be destroyed by destroying the drawing. He once used this ability to bring a tiger to life and later turned the Charmed Ones and a demon into superheroes. His powers later matured to the point where he could alter his clothing with a mere thought.

As a toddler, Wyatt Halliwell was could access this power through Projection, which he once used to bring his favorite toys to life to find his missing father. He turned them back after Piper comforted him.

List of UsersEdit

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