The Bay Mirror is a local newspaper in San Francisco.



In 2002, the Charmed Ones encountered an innocent infected with a demonic power, causing her to become increasingly unhinged and violent. While helping her, Phoebe took over writing for her column by answering some letters. After saving the innocent, both she and her boss, Elise Rothman, were impressed and Phoebe was offered the column.

Phoebe then started working for the newspaper and the column was renamed "Ask Phoebe". The column became a huge success and turned Phoebe into a local celebrity. During this time, Phoebe build a strong relationship with her boss Elise, resulting in a meaningful friendship. It was also through her work that Phoebe met many of her love interests before ultimately falling in love with Coop.


In 2029, after graduating college, Prue Halliwell sought to become a journalist and applied for a job at the newspaper. However, the man in charge of hiring disliked her mother and refused to give her a job. Prue later confronted him again and managed to persuade him to give her a chance.


  • Phoebe Halliwell (Columnnist, Formerly)
  • Prue Halliwell (Journalist)
  • Elise Rothman (Editor and Boss, Formerly)
  • Karen Young (Columnnist, Formerly)
  • Jason Dean (Owner)
  • Mr. Sheldon (Human Resources)

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