Technopathy is the ability to manipulate all forms of technology. This ability can be applied to all machines and devices, including computers, vehicles and cell phones.

Users of this power are able to activate and deactivate all electronics and machinery, manipulate digital processes and track electronic signals.


  • The Spirit Killer Bryce could track a phone call between Prue and Payton Halliwell by focusing on the signal, leading him to Payton.
  • When meeting the Halliwell sisters at a mausoleum, Bryce observed them through the security cameras placed around the cemetery.
  • A demon hired by Cole Turner used this power to sabotage Paige Matthews' car in order to frame her for a hit-and-run accident.
  • The Goblins that had infested Baker High School used this power to manipulate the lighting and temperature of the showers. They also disabled all cell phones in the school.

List of UsersEdit

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