Survivor Island is a name given to a tropical desert island found on an unknown location. It has been used as a prison for demons for centuries. The warlock Bacarra chose this island as the setting of his revival of "Witch Wars" in an attempt to destroy The Chosen.

The island is a tropical island covered in thick jungles and mountains, as well as high cliffs. Although beautiful with tropical plants and waterfalls, the island contains many dangers such as quicksand and a demonic population of Stinger Demons, as well as the many prisoners on the island such as the Swarm Demons.

Notable locations on the island include a walled wooden settlement built by the Swarm Demons. Additionally, there are ancient ruins on the island which bear resemblance to both Atlantis and the city of Zanbar.

As part of the revival of "Witch Wars", Bacarra cast several spells on the island. One created a temporal field around the island causing time to move faster there, another severely limited several forms of teleportation. The spells collapsing later caused the destruction of the island, causing it to sink into the ocean.


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