Suggestion is the ability to plant feelings, thoughts and ideas into the mind of another. It projects the user as an inner voice to the target, causing them to think that the suggestions are their own thoughts.

Suggestion is a form of manipulation and does not allow the user to control the minds of others. Targets can resist the suggestion if they are aware of the manipulation or if the suggestion itself does not fit their personality or the situation.

List of UsersEdit


As angelic beings that spread love, Cupids use suggestion to help destined lovers fall in love. When making a suggestion, Cupids will slow down time and whisper to their charges. Cupids speak to their charges' inner desires and feelings to help them accept love.


Spirit KillersEdit

As beings of darkness that seek to spread misery, Spirit Killers will plant thoughts and ideas in the minds of their victims to lead them to depression and eventual suicide. Spirits Killers pray on their victim's inner doubts and negative emotions to send them spiraling out of control.


Barbas, also known as the Demon of Fear, possesses the ability to plant thoughts and ideas in the minds of his victims by preying on their inner fears. He once manipulated Paige Matthews by playing on her fear of not being able to live up to her sister Prue Halliwell.

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