506px-Book Of Shadows Season7 Three

This spell was written by Penny Halliwell to banish the Spirit Killer Bryce when she and Prue discovered that there was no known way they could vanquish him on their own.

The spell was cast by Penny and Prue after Bryce had kidnapped their sister and met with them in a mausoleum. Once the spell was cast, a glowing golden pentagram appeared underneath Bryce and he became surrounded by smoke and orbs before being pulled into the Astral Plane. However, it was noted the effect would only be temporary, as he would eventually be able to escape.

The SpellEdit

“Spirit of Evil, with words that taunt,
Killer of hope, for those you haunt,
No longer will your words torment,
Your wicked curse we now repent,
Peace and hope, we will regain,
As we banish you to the Astral Plane.”

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