"Hey little boy! Wanna see a magic trick?"
—Slappy to Henry Jr.[src]

Slappy is a clown doll owned by Paige Matthews. Despite most people finding it very creepy, she has been very attached to it since a young age.



When Piper Halliwell was planning her baby shower when she was pregnant with Wyatt, Paige revealed she owned Slappy. Although she loved it, most people were freaked out by it. Slappy was later brought to life as a manifestation of her dreams, which eventually revealed to Paige that, because she was given up for adoption, she never had a baby shower and nobody could celebrate her birth.


Decades later, it was revealed that Paige still had Slappy, and that her son Henry Jr. had been scared of it since a young age. For unknown reasons, the doll appeared at the manor in a box, freaking out Henry when he opened it. The doll was later brought to life and assumed human form, attacking Henry with a hammer. He was then thrown of the stairs by Chris and exploded in confetti.

Slappy, along with Cinderhella, was brought back by Barbas and together they chased Henry and Payton across the manor. He was electrocuted when Payton pushed him in the shower and tossed a radio in his hands after he had tried to kill Henry. However, he returned once again and trapped the cousins in the attic. With a little help from Prue, the cousins learned only they could destroy their fears by facing them. By thinking about his family, Henry was able to realize Slappy was nothing more than a doll and defeated the clown.


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