Anigif shapeshifting2

Shapeshifting is the ability to alter one's physical form into that of another person or animal. It is mostly used to deceive or impersonate others. When a being turns into another person, they also gain the voice of that person. When a user turns into an animal, they gain the physical traits of that animal, such as the ability of flight. This power can also be used to alter certain body parts, such as turning a finger into a key.

Certain demons, such as wendigos and vampires possesses a limited form of shapeshifting, allowing them to switch between two forms. Additionally, upper-level demons, such as Belthazor, may be able to switch between a human and a demonic form.

Related PowersEdit


Transmogrification is the ability to turn oneself into an inanimate object and vice versa. This power can be used to disguise oneself to avoid confrontation or spy on others. This ability is possessed by Chameleon Demons and the warlock Eames, who stole it from a witch.

List of UsersEdit

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