Sensing is the ability to determine the location and status of other beings by concentrating on them. Additionally, it can be used to sense powers being used or the location of magical artifacts.

Sensing cannot be used if the person or object in question is magically hidden or if the person is dead. Good beings cannot use this power in the Underworld.


Sensing BeingsEdit

Whitelighters and Cupids can sense their charges and loved ones. A Whitelighter shares a special connection with their charges, allowing them to sense their location and when they are being called. They can also sense when their charges are in danger, in emotional duress or are hurt. A connection between a Whitelighter and charges sometimes grow naturally, and can be put on mute by Whitelighters if they choose to.

Sensing PowersEdit

Certain demons, such as Bounty Hunters, are capable of tracking their targets by sensing when and where they teleport. Other magical beings are capable of recognizing great magical potential in others.

Sensing ArtifactsEdit

Certain magical beings are able to sense the location of magical artifacts when they are activated. An example of this when the sorcerer Mordaunt sensed Piper Halliwell obtaining Excalibur. Another example are the Guardians of Pandora's Box, who can sense the location of the box and its content.

Sensing Good and EvilEdit

As a hybrid between a whitelighter and a witch, Paige Matthews was once able to sense evil. Wyatt could also sense threats as a young child and protected himself with his force fields. Certain demons can recognize evil in others and can sense the aura of the Source of All Evil. Fairies can sense whether beings are good or evil and if they intend to harm them.

Notable UsersEdit


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