Sean Keller
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San Francisco


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Dating Payton Halliwell

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Legacy 108: Smells Like Teen Spirit

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Legacy 114: P3 Times a Lady

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Lucas Till

"So you saved me. I'm starting to think you're pretty amazing, Payton Halliwell."
—Sean to Payton after she saved his life.

Sean Keller is a mortal teenager and student at Baker High School in 2029. He is a member of the football team and a friend of Tommy Jackson. Payton Halliwell had a crush on him for a long time, though she always believed he never noticed her.


When Sean ran into Payton at a football game, he revealed he did know her name and asked if she was going to a party. At the party, Isaac Harrison helped Payton get a dress, though before she could talk to Sean, Melissa was attacked in the garage.

After hearing a distressed voicemail from Tommy, Sean insisted in coming to the school with Henry Jr., Tess and Payton to find him. When they were attacked by an axman, Sean and Payton hid in a closet. They then started to talk and got to know each other better. When they were attacked again, they learned it was actually Tommy driven insane by the Goblins. Payton knocked him out as he was strangling Sean and she and Sean later shared a kiss.

When the Goblins came after them, Payton and Henry locked Sean in a bathroom with Tommy to keep him safe and prevent exposing their magic. After the Goblins were defeated, they were freed and Tommy was taken to a hospital. A few days later, Sean informed Payton that his friend would be fine and asked her out on a date.

After dating for a few weeks, Payton and Sean were making out by her front door after a date. When Payton thought that Sean wanted to have sex, she became worried because she was still a virgin and she didn't feel ready. After they were interrupted by Penny, Sean went home. After talking to her sister and Isaac about it, Payton decided to be honest and told Sean the truth. Sean understood and agreed to wait until she was ready.


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