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Nurse at Memorial Hospital


Dating Chris Halliwell

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Legacy 113: Hospital Haunting

Portrayed by

Kristen Hager

"They said the same thing I did. That you would make a good nurse. Most of the time, though, they just talk about how cute your ass looks in scrubs."
—Sarah to Chris.

Sarah is a young mortal nurse who recently moved to San Francisco and started working at Memorial Hospital.


Originally from Los Angeles, Sarah moved to San Francisco to get a fresh start after getting out of a messy relationship. During a night shift, she met Chris Halliwell and the two shared a mutual attraction. On their coffee break, a little patient named Kayla called for help and Chris learned she was being haunted by a ghost. Chris investigated the haunting while trying to keep it hidden from Sarah. Meanwhile, Sarah noted that she and other nurses believed that Chris could be a good nurse.

Sarah was shocked when she witnessed Chris fighting the ghost and was thrown against a door. When the ghost retreated, Sarah demanded answers and Chris explained what was going on. She then helped him find the indentity of the ghost, Holly Wilson.

Holly tried to kill Sarah in an attempt to buy herself time to possess Kayla, though Chris saved Sarah and orbed them to her room. After running away with Kayla, Chris told Sarah to stop his heart so he could cast the vanquishing spell. Sarah reluctantly agreed and stopped his heart. After Chris vanquished Holly, Sarah managed to revive him with CPR. She was relieved it was over and needed time to think.

The following night, Sarah ran into Chris again. She was glad when Chris said he had decided to become a nurse. She also admitted that while magic scared her, she could not stop thinking about Chris and kissed him.


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