"Well, that’s how our souls evolve, how we grow as individuals. From one lifetime to the next."
Leo Wyatt.

Reincarnation is the concept of a soul going through several life cycles, allowing the soul to be reborn as a new person after death. These previous lives are referred to as Past Lives.

When souls die, they are given the choice to enter the afterlife or to be reborn as a new person. If they choose to enter the afterlife, they will become spirits instead. Souls that still have loved ones will often choose to remain in the afterlife until they are reunited with their loved ones, after which they can still reincarnate if they desire.

The Elders have the ability to forcefully reincarnate someone through a process called recycling when their crimes are too great for other means of punishment.

Past LivesEdit


Bowen and Baxter, the past lives of Prue and Piper.

A past life is a previous life that a soul has lived. These past lives can either be an ancestor or a stranger, though souls with a strong connection are often drawn to each other across several lives and will recognize each other. For example, the souls of Piper Halliwell and Leo Wyatt have fallen in love across at least two separate life times.

Despite having a soul, half-demons do not have past lives, as it takes a pure mortal soul to be reincarnated.

The Charmed Ones have interacted with their past lives, three cousins in the Warren line. When Phoebe Halliwell used a spell to observe her past life, she recognized her sisters' souls in the cousins, causing her to see them as physically resembling her sisters instead of their true appearances.

Known Past LivesEdit