Reality Warping is the rare ability to alter the fabric of reality itself, allowing users to reshape and reimage reality as desired. The range and effects of the power depend on the user, with some being able to affect worldwide and create alternate realities.

List of UsersEdit

Angels of DestinyEdit

The Angels of Destiny oversee and protect the Grand Design, to ensure everything that is destined will happen. As protectors of Destiny, they can alter reality in case destiny becomes distorted or if they deem it necessary. One Angel of Destiny offered to alter the Charmed Ones' destiny when they vanquished the Source of All Evil, though the sisters declined his offer.

The Tribunal and the CleanersEdit

The Tribunal, and by extension the Cleaners, possess the ability to alter reality when magic is exposed to the world or when a risk becomes too great. One notable example was when the Cleaners framed Darryl Morris for murder after magic was exposed, though reality was later restored.

The AvatarsEdit

As a collective, the Avatars possess the ability to alter reality. They seek to alter the world and create Utopia, a perfect world without conflict. However, they required the Charmed Ones to achieve their goal.

Cole TurnerEdit

After his return from the Demonic Wasteland, Cole joined the Avatars to gain the power to alter reality. In a twisted attempt to get Phoebe back, he created a new reality in which Paige never reconstituted the Charmed Ones. However, even in this new world, Phoebe did not love him anymore and he was later vanquished after Paige reunited her sisters.

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