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Chosen Chapter 14: Past and Present Danger

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Chosen Chapter 16: A Family that Wizards Together

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Barrett Foa

"We're not going to actually release it, right? I don't really want to be responsible for a genocide or whatever."
—Ramsey to his father.

Ramsey Tate is wizard and a microbiologist. He was recruited straight out of Harvard Medical by Amanda Freeman to work on the virus against magical beings. However, he was actually a mole sent by his father Ambrose to obtain the virus.


Ambrose recruited Ramsey during a science fair at his high school and paid for his Harvard education. Through his influence as Alaric Brewmen, he arranged for Ramsey being recruited by Amanda Freeman to work on the virus. Ramsey worked in a secret laboratory to perfect the virus and was provided all he needed, though he was not allowed to leave. Meanwhile, he ensured that the virus would not affect anyone with Wizard DNA.

When Agent Murphy learned about the virus, he told the Chosen and they decided to break into the lab to destroy the virus. During a struggle between them and the demon Margoyle, who was kept in the lab as test subject, Ramsey stole the virus and escaped. When Ramsey brought the virus to his father, he expressed concern about using it, as he did not want to play a part of a genocide. Ambrose falsely assured him that the virus would only be used as a threat.

His half-sister Harper asked for help to regain her powers, and Ramsey agreed to help her, but realized that she was becoming more and more unstable; he confided his fears to Bryant, but he ignored him.

Harper joined him in the lab and he told her that maybe he had found a way to help her, but that she had to take blood from her. After analyzing the sample, he told her it would take a few hours; at that point Harper left, telling him to call her when he had finished.

Combining magic and science Ramsay, managed to create a serum to stimulate dormant magical genes. At dinner, Ambrose announced the whole family would go to the party organized by the mayor and quickly fought Ramsey's fears about the risk of being arrested. After eating Ramsay tested serum on Harper, but he failed to restore her powers, and deduced that the only way to get them back was that he who cast the spell to block them would cancel it.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Basic Powers

Active Powers

  • Spiralization: The ability to teleport through swirling blue spirals.
  • Hydrokinesis: The ability to generate and manipulate water with the mind.

Passive Powers

  • High Resistance: The ability to be highly resistant to physical and magical harm.

Notes and TriviaEdit

  • Ambrose and his children all have the letters A and R in their names.
  • Excluding Arthur, all of Ambrose's children have an elemental ability. Bryant can control the earth, Harper can control lightning and Ramsey can control water.