Potion Making is the ability to brew and use magical potions to various effects. It is one of the three basic powers possessed by witches, but is also possessed by certain other magical beings. The brewer must be magical for potions to take effect, otherwise they will be powerless.


Potions are liquids or powders with magical properties with results and effects depending on the ingredients. Examples of potion ingredients are various herbs and spices, parts of animals such as skin, eyes or feathers and in some cases, human or demonic blood or flesh.

Potions may be used in combination with spells or rituals. Similar to spells, potions can have various effects. Vanquishing potions are used to vanquish beings, while other examples include teleportation potions, sleeping and stunning potions and invisibility potions. Potions may also be used to remove, replicate or enhance magical powers.

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