Possession is the ability to control other beings by entering their bodies. While possessing other beings, the user assumes control over their body and powers.

Possession may be temporary or permanent, depending on the intention and situation. When possessing another being, the eyes of the victim may temporarily become pure black or be filled with flames.


While possessing another, the user may be able to read the minds of victims to gain control over their powers and to blend in. However, this is not always the case and some individuals may resist sharing the information.

In some cases, victims are able to see and hear everything that is happening, while others are trapped inside a form of illusion. Additionally, some will remember everything after being possessed, while others black out or lose their memories, leaving them in a confused state.

In order to be freed from possession, the possessor must be expelled or leave voluntarily. Some individuals may be able to temporarily or permanently break free from possession through willpower or outside motivation. Possession can also be ended by physically separating the host and possessor.

Possession may be dangerous as the body will deteriorate when inhabited by more than one soul, in these cases long term possession will eventually kill the host.


The Source of All EvilEdit

The Source of All Evil is an essence of pure evil that has possessed various bodies over the centuries. When a body is vanquished, the essence is transferred to the nearest suitable body and merges with that being and its personality, until the two have become one. While possessing a body, the Source can also leap into other bodies and temporarily possess them, as seen when he tried manipulating Paige Matthews.

Christy JenkinsEdit

When Christy Jenkins was killed, her mind survived and she became an Astral Being. In her new form, she was able to possess her sister Billie. Christy was in control of her sister's body, while trapping Billie inside an illusion. However, Phoebe Halliwell managed to reach out to Billie through her Empathy and Billie managed to take control long enough to use a power stripping potion, thus freeing herself.

List of UsersEdit

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