Photokinesis, also known as Light Manipulation, is the ability to generate and control light and magical orbs.


Basic UsageEdit

Photokinesis is often used to illuminate dark places or for decorative reasons. Leo Wyatt once used it to create orbs of light at his wedding, while Paige Matthews used it to reveal her magical secret to Henry. Whitelighters can also use it to simulate harmless Energy Balls for combat practice.

Offensive UsageEdit

Photokinesis can be used to generate colorful blasts of pure light. In her human form, Tess was able to unleash a powerful blast of light to chase off a nest of Goblins.

Related PowersEdit

Light Darts Minion 2

Light DartsEdit

Light Darts are thin darts of pure light, which are sharp enough to cut through objects and skin. These darts can vary in strength and appearance, though they are usually to strong enough to instantly vanquish lower-level demons upon impact.

List of UsersEdit

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