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"I did some thinking last night and I made a pretty huge decision about my future. So just hear me out first. I decided to drop out of college… and I want to reopen P3."
—Penny to her family.[src]

P3 was a popular nightclub in San Francisco, owned and run by Piper Halliwell since 1999. She bought the club together with her sisters Prue and Phoebe, who both owned a minority share as well. The name comes from the Power of Three, the magic that makes the sisters the Charmed Ones.


Original RunEdit

The club went through several ups and downs, but ultimately proved succesful enough to support Piper's family and the manor for years. Though primarily managed by Piper herself, her family often assisted her in keeping the club running. When the sisters temporarily faked their deaths, the club was shortly run by Victor. At some point, Piper sold the club to open her own restaurant, Les Trois, which was her lifelong dream.


The club stood empty for years until it was bought by a demon named Dahlia. She renamed it Nightshade and wanted to use the club to lure souls. However, she was vanquished on the opening night. Soon after this, Penny Halliwell decided to reopen the club with some financial support from her mother.

Reopened P3Edit



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