Nick Ross
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July 29th, 1985

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Light brown

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Nathan Ross

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  • Boston (formerly)
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First appearance

Chosen Chapter 6: The Gemini Factor

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Chosen Chapter 15: We Have History

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Max Carver

"What? You think because I’m a thief and a jerk, I can’t be open-minded?"
—Nick to Duncan.

Nicholas 'Nick' Ross is a witch born from the union of a witch and a warlock and the older twin brother of Nathan Ross.



The twins were born to the witch Erin Ross and the warlock Jeremy Burns. Erin's family had turned bitter after the Salem Witch Trials and abandoned the Wiccan Rede, meaning the twins never had a Whitelighter or Familiar. Erin had a complex relationship with Jeremy, as he originally intended to kill her for her powers before she got pregnant. After she gave birth to the twins, Jeremy continued to visit and kept his enemies away from them, leading Erin to believe he had feelings for her.

When they were toddlers, the twins were attacked by Nomed under orders from The Triad, who believed they potentially were the Ultimate Power. Erin called Jeremy and was then killed with an Energy Ball. The demon offered Jeremy a choice, he could either be vanquished or leave unharmed. Not wanting to die, Jeremy chose to abandon his children. Nomed then tried to kill the twins, but they were saved by arrival of Gideon.

Gideon wanted to take the twins to Magic School, though the Elders feared the children were too tainted by evil and they were left in foster care instead. When the twins were pre-teens, they ran away from their foster home and started using their magic for crime in order to survive.

Even though the twins possess warlock blood, they were born as witches and knew they would remain so unless they committed a true act of evil, which would cost them their soul and turn them into warlocks. For this reason, they swore they would never kill and remained between good and evil.

The Gemini FactorEdit

After several years of petty crime, the twins stepped up their game and started robbing banks to get rich quickly. After robbing a bank in San Francisco, they were confronted by a warlock named Bacarra, who offered them power and a place at his side if they distracted the Chosen. As they never belonged anywhere before, the twins accepted and received powers from the warlock.

The twins then planned on distracting the Chosen by luring Billie and Duncan to P3 in an attempt to frame them for a bank robbery. However, when Billie discovered their identity, Nick set of the fire alarm and fled with his brother. The Chosen chased them to a bank and they engaged in a brief fight. However, when the police arrived, both groups retreated.

Nick became extremely angry and aggressive when he saw his brother injured. Nathan then figured out the demonic powers were corrupting them and managed to get through to his brother. The twins then confronted by Bacarra, who threatened to kill them unless they killed the Chosen instead.

Seeing no way out, the twins decided to take out the Chosen and attacked Billie and Violet. However, the girls managed to defeat them out by stopping time and using their own powers against them. Later, the Chosen interrogated the twins and learned Bacarra was behind it all. They were then surrounded by Homeland Security. Realizing that the twins were not truly evil and not wanting the government to get them, the Chosen decided to let the twins go after stripping away their demonic powers. The twins then went on the run and disappeared.

Las VegasEdit

The twins went to Las Vegas, where they decided to pull one last job. They attempted to rob the Three Wishes Casino by cheating using their powers. However, they were unaware of the magic in the casino and were exposed. They were then taken prisoner and forced to work in the casino as slaves. By pooling their telepathic powers, they were able to send a message to Duncan for help.

When the Chosen arrived, Nick informed Duncan and Jake Porter of what was going on. They then headed to the dungeon to find Nathan, but were instead taken prisoner. When they managed to escape, they vanquished the demonic army and faced Carson Meyer, the man running the casino with his Genie. After Billie obtained the bottle and destroyed the casino, the twins returned to San Francisco with the Chosen. Duncan then agreed to help them get a fresh start.

The TribunalEdit

After being attacked by a Brute Demon and learning that the government is still after them, the twins and Duncan decided to appeal to the Tribunal with help from Leo Wyatt to have their slates wiped clean. This resulted in a trial where they were accused of using their magic for personal gain. Eventually, Nick and Nathan both tried to convince the Tribunal to punish one while sparing the other. The Tribunal then saw their potential for good and erased the evidence of their crimes. However, this came at the price of their active powers.

The twins later revealed their plea had been a ploy to gain sympathy by telling the Tribunal what they wanted to hear. Although not happy about it, Leo accepted it and told the twins to use the opportunity. He also gave them a file which indicated that Gideon once tried to take the twins to Magic School.

House Party Edit

Nick unlike his brother was not very interested in going to the party organized by the Chosen to inaugurate their new home, because he felt he had nothing to share with them and their friends, and was not sure he wanted to stop in San Francisco, and Nathan asked him to try at least to settle down before deciding. At the party Nick tried in vain to flirt with Billie and when the demon Valefar assaulted them he got trapped to protect her. Nathan tried in vain to locate him through their telepathic connection. After the chosen defeated Valefar, Nick and the others were freed and he went to an appointment with Darcy.

From the Deep Edit

Nick started dating Darcy even though he did not consider her a serious relationship.

When Ambrose and his sons began to kidnap the merpeople to steal their immortality, the twins collaborated with the merman Ridley to locate the Sea Hag allied with the wizards.

After Ambrose brought the city of Atlantis to the surface, the twins Duncan and Ridley fought against Harper, defeated by Ridley. The twins read her mind to learn Nadia's position and Harper was deprived of her powers with a spell.

Later Nick went to help Billie while she was fighting with Bryant, and saved her life. This led Billie to kiss him. While the others celebrated Nadia's and Ridley's engagement, Nick reached Billie and the two began a sexual relationship.

Time Travel Edit

Nick and Billie continued to visit each other in secret, but Nick did not leave Darcy because he thought he had no chance of having a real relationship with Billie. Shortly thereafter Violet and Nathan called them to ask them to meet in the chosen house. In order not to arouse suspicion, they arrived separately. Violet informed them that there was Gideon behind her adoption, and to get answers, the five decided to summon the spirit of Gideon, but they failed and Sandra told them that it was impossible to summon Gideon because he had been condemned to forced reincarnation.

This led the twins and Violet to decide to travel back in time; just then, Agent Murphy came to warn them of the virus. Nick had the idea of stealing the virus before the mayor could use it and wanted to postpone the journey of the past, but Billie persuaded him to leave.

The three found themselves on July 30, 1988, the day the parents of the twins had disappeared, so they used teleportation potions to go to Boston.

Arriving in Boston, the three began to look for clues about the disappearance of the parents of the twins. Nathan revealed that he knew what was between Bille and Nick, and that his brother avoided talking about his feelings. At that point Nathan and Violet told him that he should try to declare to Billie.

When through a premonition, Violet discovered that the mother of the twins would be attacked by a demon, Nathan and Nick decided to save her, but only managed to get killed along with her. Violet managed to cancel this event, thanks to a further journey in time and convinced the twins not to try again to change the past. Back in the present Nick decided not to deny his feelings anymore and broke up with Darcy, and then invite Billie to a real date and she accepted.

Busboy Edit

After an appointment, Nick and Billie decided to have a coffee, and in the bar they found Darcy angry with them. While going home, Darcy had a fight with Hope and her negative emotions attracted a poltergeist, who owned her. To save her, Billie and the others had to collaborate with two witch doctors, who then invited them to an evening in their jazz club. Nick took the opportunity to ask one of the two witch doctor, Brandon a job and was hired as a busboy.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Basic Powers

  • Spell Casting: The ability to cast spells and perform rituals.
  • Potion Making: The ability to brew magical potions.
  • Scrying: The ability to locate beings or objects with a crystal and a map.

Active Powers

  • Telepathic Twin Connection: The ability to possess a telepathic connection to his twin brother. The twins can sense each other's location and can communicate telepathically in close range.
    • Telepathy: When working together, the twins can expand their telepathic range and access other aspects of this power. They can send telepathic messages, track beings over vast distances and read the minds of others.

Passive Powers

  • High Resistance: The ability to be highly resistant to physical and magical harm.

Former Powers

  • Super Strength: The ability to possess physical strength beyond humanly possible. This power was stripped by the Tribunal.
  • Fire Balls: The ability to throw spheres of fire, capable of destroying objects and vanquishing beings. Nick was granted this power by Bacarra, though it was later stripped.
  • Energy Blasts: The ability to fire blasts of magical energy from one's hands. Nick was granted this power by Bacarra, though it was later stripped.


  • The twins are inspired by the characters Aidan and Ethan in the series Teen Wolf.