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Legacy 108: Smells Like Teen Spirit

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Carter Jenkins


Neal is a mortal teenager and formerly was a student at Baker High School in 2029. He was a photographer for the school newspaper and was bullied a lot.


Neal had a very difficult time at school, being bullied by the popular kids and being ignored by everyone else. Due to his negative emotions, he was targeted by a nest of Goblins, who pretended to be his friends while feeding off his pain. The Goblins manipulated him and later attacked Tommy Jackson and Melissa Harrison on his behalf.

After Melissa was attacked at her party, Henry Mitchell Jr., Payton Halliwell, Sean Keller and Tess broke into the school to find Tommy. However, he was driven insane by the Goblins and attacked them. Meanwhile, Tess revealed her true identity as a Fairy and told the others about the Goblins. Neal later confronted them with help from his Goblins. However, the others were able to convince him they were evil and he tried to reject them. The Goblins refused and instead possessed him. After attacking them, Neal was freed when Henry Jr. orbed him out and Payton banished the Goblins with a spell.

Due to the possession, Neal's memory was erased. The others were forced to let him take the blame to avoid exposing magic. He was admitted to a psychiatric ward, since everyone believed he had a psychotic break and drugged Tommy and attacked Melissa. However, the others were optimistic that he would get a fresh start when it was over.

It was later mentioned by Henry Jr. that Neal's parents decided to move to give him a fresh start once he was released from the ward.


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