Biographical information

Centuries ago

Physical description




Hair color


Eye color


Skin color
  • White
  • Golden scales (tail)
Magical characteristics
Active powers
Passive powers

Engaged to Ridley

Character information
Only appearance

Chosen Chapter 13: From the Deep

Portrayed by

Sara Paxton

"I spent centuries in the seas, but I did not start living until you warmed up my heart. I want to spend the rest of my life with you."
—Nadia to Ridley.

Nadia is a mermaid who fell in love with a merman named Ridley.


Some time during her explorations, Nadia met Ridley and they fell in love. They wanted to run away together and live on land, as their own kind would not understand. Nadia stole a couple of bracelets from a Sea Hag that would grant them human legs. However, before they could run away, Nadia was captured by Bryant and Harper, who wanted to obtain her immortality.

Ridley went to the Chosen for help and they worked together to stop the wizards and free the captured merfolk. During her capture, Nadia almost tricked Bryant into freeing her, though she was interrupted by Harper.

After Nadia was freed, Duncan enchanted some rings that would grant them legs. By selling some of their underwater treasure, they were able to get an apartment and Ridley got a job. They stopped by to thank the Chosen and Nadia informed them that Ridley had proposed to her.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Active Powers

  • Super Strength: The ability to possess physical strength beyond humanly possible.
  • Super Speed: The ability to move at superhuman speeds. Merpeople can swim at superhuman speeds.
  • Sensing: The ability to determine the location and status of other beings by concentrating on them.
  • Luring: The ability to magically draw in, seduce or enthrall other beings. Merpeople can lure other beings with their music.

Passive Powers

  • High Resistance: The ability to be highly resistant to physical and magical harm. Merpeople are especially resistant to extreme temperatures.
  • Immortality: The ability to possess a possibly infinite lifespan and an arrested aging process.


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