Mortals are ordinary humans that have no magical abilities or heritage. Most mortals are unaware of the existence of magic. The vast majority of humanity is mortal, with only humans like witches and Firestarters being able to practice magic. Mortals are considered to be neutral beings, though individuals can be considered good or evil.

Despite not being involved in the magical world, mortals are often prey to demons and other evil beings. When a mortal is threatened by evil, they become innocents whom witches and other good beings have sworn to protect.


Future WhitelightersEdit

Certain mortals are destined to become Whitelighters after death. These mortals are called Future Whitelighters. These mortals have to fulfill their purpose in life by doing good, after which they will be rewarded with the choice of becoming a Whitelighter upon death.


Some mortals are born with a certain magical awareness, allowing them to communicate with spirits or seeing visions of the past or future. These mortals are referred to as psychics or sometimes as prophets.

Witch PractitionersEdit

Witch Practitioners are mortals who practice witchcraft and use Wicca as a religion. While these practitioners are not able to use true magic, they can use magical objects like crystals and herbs to channel natural magic. Witch practitioners are often members of covens, which are gatherings of witches.

Witch HuntersEdit


Witch Hunters.

Witch Hunters are mortals who have sworn to hunt and kill witches. These vigilantes are trained to hate magic and those who practice it. Witch Hunters have existed as long as mortals first came into contact with magic, though they became most prominent in the late 17th century during the Salem Witch Trials.

Powers in MortalsEdit

Mortals can become magical beings through various means. Mortals can be transformed into magical beings through power granting or demonic infection. Additionally, mortals can become demons through certain rituals, which is known as demonic conversion.

When a mortal gains possession of a demonic power, this will lead to paranoia, insanity and eventual death, as they are capable of handling magic.


  • The term mortal refers only to the inability to use magic and not whether or not a being is capable of dying a natural death.

Notable MortalsEdit