Molecular Immobilization is the ability to slow down molecules to the point where the object or being in question stops moving, making it seem as if time is frozen. It is channeled through the hands and is initially triggered by fear or panic. It is sometimes mistaken for the power to stop time itself.

Strength and ControlEdit

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Piper freezing bullets

Molecular Immobilization is initially difficult to control, as it is triggered by fear or panic. When users become more experienced, they become able to selectively freeze and unfreeze beings, objects and areas. When Piper Halliwell gained more control, she became able to freeze certain individuals and groups, such as only freezing mortals within range. Experienced users will be able to selectively freeze and unfreeze certain body parts. Piper often used this aspect to interrogate demons by only unfreezing their heads.

As this power grows, the range of effect will expand. When Piper visited the future, her power froze an entire city block, including all birds and even a helicopter in the air.

Possible AdvancementsEdit

Molecular CombustionEdit


Piper 'blowing up' a wall

Molecular Combustion is the ability to speed up molecules to the point where they combust. This power is channeled through the hands and can be used to blow up objects and vanquish beings, which often results in fiery explosions.

Piper Halliwell gained this power, which proved to be a very powerful offensive power. Piper eventually gained great control over this power, allowing her to selectively blow up the body parts of demons and control the size of her explosions. Her powers eventually became powerful enough to vanquish upper-level demons.

Related PowersEdit

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Molecular Inhibition

Molecular DecelerationEdit

Molecular Deceleration is the ability to slow down molecules to the point where time appears to move slower, creating a slow-motion effect. This is often seen as a weaker form of Molecular Immobilization and may develop into full immobilization.

Molecular InhibitionEdit

Molecular Inhibition is the ability to completely stop the movement of molecules, causing them to crystallize. This effectively turns the target into a frozen statue. The target can be easily shattered, killing them. However, the effects can be undone without harming the target. Piper once gained this power when she was turned into a warlock, which corrupted her power of Immobilization.

Notable UsersEdit