The San Francisco Memorial Hospital is a general hospital located in San Francisco.



Piper Halliwell was admitted here when she was infected with Oroya Fever. When her sisters tried to heal her with magic, they accidentally caused an outbreak until they reversed the spell. Piper almost died of the disease, though she was healed by Leo Wyatt before she could move on.

A doctor named Curtis Williamson later became obsessed with Piper's unexplained recovery and started experimenting with the blood of the sisters. When he injected monkeys with the blood, they gained the powers of the Charmed Ones. The doctor was later accidentally injected with the blood and was corrupted by the powers, since mortals were unable to handle magic. The sisters were later forced to kill him in self-defence.

Piper was later admitted here once again when she went into labor with Chris Halliwell.


Robert Hastings, head of the Cardiology department, was targeted and killed by a Grimlock in the parking garage of the hospital.


As a young adult, Chris Halliwell started working in the hospital as an orderly because he wanted to help people in a non-magical way. Additionally, working night shifts allowed him to get away easier in case of a magical emergency. During a night shift, Chris fought and ultimately vanquished the ghost of Holly Wilson, who wanted to possess a girl name Kayla. He later decided to enroll in the nurse training program.


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