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Black; balding

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The Underworld



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Hulkus Pocus

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Chosen Chapter 14: Past and Present Danger

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David Dayan Fisher

"I’ve been waiting for the chance to escape. You just gave me the perfect opportunity by taking out the guards."
—Margoyle to Billie.

Margoyle was a demon who sought to use a man-made virus to increase his own power.


Obtaining the VirusEdit

After finding a demon infected with the virus, Margoyle desired to use the virus for himself and tried to find a way around the deadly consequences. Meanwhile, the Charmed Ones searched for the origin of the virus after Billie Jenkins was infected. They used the virus on themselves and tracked down the only person who was immune, as his blood was the cure. Margoyle also tried to obtain the blood and had his demons attack. After the sisters vanquished his gang, Margoyle was able to escape with a blood sample.

Getting CapturedEdit

A few years later, Margoyle was captured by Amanda Freeman after breaking into a medical lab. They obtained the virus and a blood sample from Margoyle and kept him as a test subject. The scientists at the laboratory tested their first prototype on him, leaving him powerless but alive. Unknown to the scientists, Margoyle's powers slowly returned and he began waiting for the perfect opportunity to escape.

When Agent Murphy learned about the lab, he asked the Chosen to help destroy the virus. After they broke into the lab, Margoyle recognized Billie as the one the Charmed Ones wanted to cure years ago. He used a large Energy Ball to escape his cell and tried to obtain the virus once again. After Margoyle vanquished the other test subjects, an angry Billie attacked him and vanquished him with a wave of kinetic energy.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Active Powers

  • Shimmering: A demonic method of teleportation.
  • Energy Balls: The ability to throw spheres of magical energy that resemble electrical discharges.
  • Super Strength: The ability to possess physical strength beyond humanly possible.


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