Margaret and Edwin Morgan
Physical description


Hair color
  • Brown (Margaret)
  • Black (Edwin)
Eye color
  • Blue (Margaret)
  • Brown (Edwin)
Skin color


Family information

Violet Morgan


San Francisco

Character information
Only appearance

Chosen Chapter 12: The Curious Case of Duncan Phillips

Portrayed by

Allison Janney and Oliver Platt

"Edwin, our daughter joined a cult. I bet she’s on drugs as well. She thinks she has magic powers. She needs help."
—Margaret after Violet told her about magic.

Margaret and Edwin Morgan are the adoptive parents of Violet Morgan. Until recently, they were unaware of their daughter's magic.


Margaret and Edwin were given Violet by Gideon and raised her in San Francisco. As all three were unaware of her magic, Violet had a normal and happy childhood. Despite knowing that she was adopted, Violet considered her parents her real family and never asked about her biological parents.

After discovering she was a witch and becoming a part of the Chosen, Violet decided not to tell her parents and even began to avoid them. However, this changed when her parents arrived at the house unexpectedly. She eventually decided to tell them about her magic, though before she could show them her powers, Billie and Gretchen orbed in.

While Margaret fainted due to shock, Edwin remained calm and accepted the truth. After letting it sink in, Margaret also accepted it and both of them reminded Violet that they loved her. They also handed her a letter with details about her adoption, which revealed that Gideon handed Violet to them.


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