Makayla Porter
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Jake Porter




Witch Hunter

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Chosen Chapter 8: The Trial of Billie Jenkins

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Shantel VanSanten


Makayla Porter is a witch hunter and the younger sister of Jake Porter. After her brother left the family, she asked her father to train her and became a very capable and determined hunter, hating magic as she was raised to do.


Early LifeEdit

Makayla was born in Boston. Much like her brother, she was raised in the traditional sense of witch hunters, taught to hate magic from an early age. However, she was not trained to hunt like her brother was. This all changed when Jake had a change of heart and decided to fight the real evil in the world. After he left, Makayla asked her father to train her, as all she ever wanted was to be like the rest of her family. Her father agreed, despite Jake asking him not to, and begun training her.


By 2008, Makayla had grown into a very skilled hunter, now going by Mac during hunts. She was hired by mayor Amanda Freeman to kill the Chosen, whom she viewed as a threat to her city. Mac was handed four files of suspects, including one of her brother. Mac then confronted Jake at his apartment. Jake attempted to persuade her to let it go, though Mac was determined to fulfill her contract.

Mac later followed Jake to his storage locker, locking him in and stealing his weapons. She tracked the Chosen and subdued Duncan and Violet while Billie was undergoing a Vision Quest. However, she was not able to reach Billie due to a protective circle. As she was about to kill the witches, Jake arrived. At the same time, Billie woke up and engaged Mac in a fight without her powers, as Mac blocked her powers with amulets. However, when the amulets were destroyed, Billie was able to overpower her.

The witches and Jake then discussed what to do with Mac. As they did not want to kill her, they decided to strip her memories with a spell and replace them with fake memories, so Mac would leave them alone.


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