Leo Wyatt
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Dark blond

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Christopher Wyatt


Widowed from Piper Halliwell



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Thank You For Not Morphing

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Legacy 112: Noah's Arc

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Brian Krause

Leo Wyatt was a mortal, who died in WWII as a medic, and was selected by the Elders to become a Whitelighter for the good he did in his lifetime. As Whitelighter to the Charmed Ones, he met and eventually married Piper Halliwell and became father of their children, Wyatt, Chris and Melinda Halliwell.

Over the course his life and death, Leo has been many different things. After his mortal death, he was made a Whitelighter by the Elders and later became an Elder himself. For a brief period, he became an Avatar when he believed in their desire to create a Utopia to keep his family safe. When Utopia was ended, Leo became an Elder once more, only to fall from grace a few months later and became mortal again.

Leo is also the current headmaster of Magic School, a position he took over from Paige after his former mentor Gideon's betrayal.


Early LifeEdit

Leo was born as a mortal in the early 20th century. His father was called Christopher, and Leo had a good relationship with him growing up. Leo attended medical school and married a woman named Lilian as a young adult. During WWII, Leo enlisted in the US army with two of his friends, Nathan and Rick Lang. While serving as a medic, Leo witnessed the deaths of his friend and was killed later that same say during a bombing. For all the good he had done, he was given the choice to become a Whitelighter by the Elders, which he accepted.

Leo then began a new life as a Whitelighter and visited his former wife in a dream to let her know that he was at peace and that she should move on. During his early years as a Whitelighter, Leo became close friends with another Whitelighter named Natalie and the Elder Gideon, who became his mentor.

The Charmed OnesEdit

Elder, Avatar and MortalEdit

Shortly after becoming an Elder, Leo orbed to London when he sensed a whitelighter named Noah was in danger. An Empusa had killed Noah's charges and was about to kill him when Leo intervened and vanquished her. He then orbed Noah to the Heavens, where he offered him a chance to become an Elder, which Noah accepted.

The Closing Chapter Edit

When Billie, who had come to warn them of Christy's return, was overwhelmed by Piper's anger and hatred and escaped into tears. However, Leo later persuaded his wife to hear Billie. Later it was his old friend Noah who persuaded Piper to recover the magic school .While the sisters were fighting Christy comforted Henry, and when the emergency ended, he persuaded his wife to resume contact with Billie.

Shortly thereafter Leo became headmaster and hired the young wizard Arthur Cobbs as a history teacher

Chosen Edit

A manifestation of Leo appeared before Billie during her vision quest. The real Leo gave Arthur a leave, so that he could join Professor Whitney's expedition.

The expedition delayed returning and Violet worried about Arthur inquired of Leo, who convinced the red woman to have faith in her instinct, and she through a premonition discovered that the young wizard was really in danger. Leo then opened a portal to bring Billie to the school. Subsequently he helped Duncan and the Ross twins to appeal to the Tribunal in order to erase evidence of the twins' criminal past.

This resulted in a trial in which they were accused of using their magic for personal gain. In the end, Nick and Nathan both tried to convince the court to punish him while sparing the other. The Tribunal then saw their potential for good and canceled evidence of their crimes. However, this came at the price of their active powers.

The twins later revealed that their request was a ploy to gain understanding by telling the Tribunal what they wanted to hear. Although not happy, Leo accepted him and told the twins to use the opportunity. He also gave them a file indicating that Gideon had once tried to take the twins to the Magic School.

The Once and Future Evil Edit

Leo was disappointed when he discovered that Wyatt did not want to go camping with him, but he admitted that at fifteen, it was normal that he preferred to be with his peers instead of his little cousins. Since he was out with his brothers-in-law, his childrens and nephews, Leo was not involved in the fight with the future version of Wyatt, but his wife informed him about everything and agreed with her and her sisters not to say anything about happened to their children, because they were too young to understand.

Four Witches and a Funeral Edit

Melinda decided to introduce her boyfriend Ryan to the family and a dinner was organized, which was interrupted when Melinda was attacked by Anders Blackwell, a warlock who wanted to steal her powers.

Legacy Edit

In "Legacy", it was revealed that after Piper's death at the hands of the warlock Anders, Leo had not been happy and buried himself in work at Magic School while hardly taking care of himself or the manor. Living in the manor where he and Piper were supposed to grow old together, was a constant painful reminder that he had lost the love of his life. Leo later decided to move on with his life and move into the living quarters of Magic School, passing the manor on to the next generation of Warren witches.

After some advice from Wyatt, Ryan went to Magic School to ask Leo for Melinda's hand in marriage, though this just merely a prank set up by Wyatt. However, Leo gave his blessing anyway and revealed he was happy for them.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Over his lifetime, Leo has possessed various powers, such as the common powers of a Whitelighter, an Elder and an Avatar. However, he lost all these powers when he permanently became mortal again. Due to his experience and acting as head of Magic School, he does possess great knowledge of magic and has access to the powerful magic within the school.