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This page contains a list of all written stories set in the same continuity. Chosen focuses on the life of Billie Jenkins, who embraces a new destiny as part of the Chosen, while Legacy focuses on the next generation of Halliwells. Links to read the stories can be found on the individual pages.

The Closing ChapterEdit

Main article: The Closing Chapter

The Closing Chapter serves as an ending to Charmed season 8, ending several storylines left open when Charmed ended. It takes place in late 2006, six months after the Ultimate Battle.

Plot: The Elders ask the Charmed Ones to reclaim the demon-infested Magic School. Meanwhile Billie faces the vengeful ghost of Christy, which forces her to contact the sisters to warn them.

Chosen SeriesEdit

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Chosen Credits

The Chosen series begins six months after the Ultimate Battle and focuses on Billie dealing with her past and moving on with her life and her new Destiny. It takes place after Charmed season 8 and will focus on Billie and new and returning characters.

The series is divided in story arcs. The first is called the Brotherhood arc and consists of 8 chapters.

Brotherhood Arc
Wizard Arc

The Once and Future EvilEdit

Main article: The Once and Future Evil

The Once and Future Evil is an independent story that takes place in the year 2018. It sets up several storylines for the Legacy series that takes place years later.

Plot: When 15-year old Wyatt starts losing control over his growing powers, an old enemy sees it as an opportunity to steal them. Meanwhile the future looks darker than ever when the next generation travels back in time to warn the sisters.

Four Witches and a FuneralEdit

Main article: Four Witches and a Funeral

Four Witches and a Funeral is an independent story that takes place in the year 2027, placing it two years before the start of the Legacy Series. It is focused on Melinda Halliwell.

Plot: Melinda Halliwell struggles with the magical secret she has to keep from her boyfriend Ryan. Meanwhile Chris hunts down a warlock who is killing witches for their powers, unaware that his sister Melinda is on the top of his list.

Legacy SeriesEdit


Legacy is a series that focuses on the lives of the next generation of Halliwells. It starts in the year 2029 and focuses on the lives of the Halliwell cousins when evil returns after decades of peace.


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