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"So you’re both in a new relationship. This makes things complicated. Either of them could be the warlock. He is exceptionally good at hiding himself."

Legacy 110: From Paris with Love is the tenth chapter of the Legacy Series, which focuses on the next generation of Halliwells.

Plot DescriptionEdit

Timeline: 2029

The Mitchell twins are enjoying their new lives in Paris until a string of murders leads them to a local Wiccan group. As they investigate, they realize one of their boyfriends might be the killer. Meanwhile, Melinda and Ryan visit Paris to restart their relationship, not knowing that magic might once again interfere.


Returning Characters
Introducing Characters

Notes and TriviaEdit

  • The title is a reference to the James Bond film "From Russia with Love", though it is also the name of a 2010 action film.
  • This is the first Legacy story focusing on the Mitchell twins.
  • Like many Warren witches before them, both Laura and Grace have fallen for an evil being. However, only Grace continued to have feelings for him after discovering his true nature.
  • Melinda makes a reference to a warlock killing her mother, which happened in "Four Witches and a Funeral".
  • Grace faking Luke's death is similar to how Phoebe faked Cole's death in "Sleuthing with the Enemy".
  • The importance of souls and whether or not evil can love is debated in the story.
  • Ryan returns after leaving at the end of "With Mortals Like These". After a temporary break-up, he learns to fully accept Melinda's magic and they get back together.

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