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"You see something in him that we can’t. He is a stranger, and just a few months ago, he was the Source of All Evil. How are we supposed to understand?"
Penny Halliwell

Legacy 107: Soul Searching is the seventh chapter of the Legacy Series, which focuses on the next generation of Halliwells.

Plot DescriptionEdit

Timeline: 2029

With the Wraith summoned by Elizabeth still after him, a desperate and exhausted Julian is forced to reach out to his family. Meanwhile, Prue and Penny visit their parents and Prue faces her feelings toward the secretive Noah.


Returning Characters
Introducing Characters
  • Eldery Woman, an innocent whose soul was taken by the Wraith.
  • Bartender, a cute bartender at the hotel Penny flirted with.
  • Raptor Demon

Notes and TriviaEdit

  • The title is a reference to the phrase "soul searching", as well as the Wraith hunting Julian's soul.
  • This story takes place at the same time as the previous and next one.
  • This story shows Julian connecting with his family for the first time.
  • Penny mentions banishing the Spirit Killer when discussing how to defeat the Wraith.
  • Prue discovers more about Noah's past when it is revealed he used to be an Elder.
  • Elizabeth Turner and the Wraith are vanquished in this story, though the Urn of Asar containing the essence of the Source is stolen by an unknown party.
  • Phoebe mentions having dealt with a Raptor Demon before. She vanquished one in "Death Becomes Them" when he killed one her classmates.

Reading LinkEdit

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Legacy 106: Nature vs Nurture
Legacy Series Followed by:
Legacy 108: Smells Like Teen Spirit

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