Jordan Miller
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San Francisco

Character information
Only appearance

Legacy 102: Dark Night Lights

Portrayed by

Raphael Sbarge


Jordan Miller is a mortal man in his forties, who dedicated his life to doing volunteer work at a children's hospital. He is later identified as a Future Whitelighter.


For all his good work, Jordan was named volunteer of the year. However, his work had also made him a target to a Spirit Killer named Bryce, who wanted to drive him to suicide. Bryce whispered to him that Jordan did volunteer work with children because he was unable to deal with adult relationships and that he had never been in love. He proceeded to taunt Jordan with the fact that if he died, nobody would miss him.

Under manipulation of Bryce, Jordan headed up to the roof of the hospital and was almost driven to jump. However, Prue Halliwell, who was supposed to interview him, arrived in time to chase away the Spirit Killer, thus saving his life. Prue asked Jordan to not tell anyone she was there and told him to close his eyes when she beamed away. The police then stormed the roof and took Jordan in custody for his own protection.

After she and her sisters banished Bryce, Prue called an old friend at the police department and found out Jordan was being released from custody, as he was not considered a threat to himself.


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