Invisibility is the ability to make oneself unseen by the naked eye, hiding one's presence from the sight of others. It is triggered by fear or as a defensive mechanism.

Invisibility also affects technology such as cameras, though users can be detected by motion sensors or through heat signatures. Beings with enhanced senses may detect invisible beings and they can still be found through sensing. Additionally, users can still be heard and touched.

Invisibility can also be achieved through Illusion Casting and users of Astral Projection may also project their consciousness in an invisible, astral form.

Related PowersEdit

Projective Invisibility

Billie turning Leo invisible.

Projective InvisibilityEdit

Projective Invisibility is the ability to make other beings and objects invisible without making physical contact. Billie Jenkins once turned Leo Wyatt invisible while wearing a magical belt that granted her new powers.


Cloaking is the ability to magically hide one's presence and activities from others. Both the forces of good and evil may use it to hide their activities from the other side. When a person or location is cloaked, other beings will be unable to locate them through sensing or scrying. When used on a person, cloaking can make a target invisible to others.

List of UsersEdit

Active Power
Natural State

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