Intangibility is the ability to become intangible, altering one's molecular structure to move through solid matter. It grants immunity to physical attacks and magical powers such as Energy Balls.

Certain magical beings, such as spirits, are intangible in their natural state. Others possess it as an active power. It is primarily a defensive ability, though it can be used to harm others by reaching into their bodies and squeezing or ripping out the heart.

Users of Astral Projection can access this ability in their astral form.

List of UsersEdit

Active Power
Natural State

Related PowersEdit

Intangible OrbingEdit

Intangible Orbing is the ability to deconstruct the body in millions of orbs for a short period of time, allowing the user to move through solid matter and evade attacks. This a hybrid ability and a combination of Orbing and intangibility.

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