Immortal Cole

Immortality is the ability to possess a possibly infinite lifespan. Immortals are protected from natural death, but can be killed or vanquished by magical powers, spells and potions or through physical harm.

Immortals may possess an arrested aging process, meaning they will not visibly age. When a being is born immortal, this generally means that they will stop aging once they reach maturity. Others simply age at a much slower rate than mortals.

Powerful beings such as the Angels of Destiny and the Angels of Destiny play a vital part in the grand design of the universe and are truly immortal, meaning they can never be killed. Other beings, such as the Source of All Evil and Barbas may also be considered truly immortal, as they may be vanquished temporarily, but will never cease to exist. Undead beings such as Vampires can also exist indefinitely.

Examples of UsersEdit

Notable Individuals

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