The Ice Cream Truck is a magical vehicle which houses an entity known as the Nothing in a pocket dimension. This dimension resembles a deserted snow-covered playground. The truck is driven by a destined mortal and plays a melody known as the Devil's Chord. When played, the melody lures demonic children, after which they are sucked into the pocket dimension and destroyed by the Nothing.


As a child, Prue Halliwell heard the melody while sick at home and saw a young boy being sucked into the truck. When she wanted to help him, she was trapped as well, though her father managed to rescue her.

The Charmed Ones encountered the truck in 2001. When they saw a girl being taken, they assumed the truck was evil and unknowingly freed several demonic children trapped inside. The sisters worked with their father to trap them again, though the ice cream man sacrificed himself so Prue and Victor could escape the Nothing. The responsibility of the truck was then passed down to Caleb.

In the winter of 2008, Caleb pursued a group of demonic children who intended to resurrect their father Pazuzu. While trying to lure the children into a trap with the Chosen, the leader of the demons destroyed it with a heat wave.

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