7x22 High Resistance

High Resistance is the ability to possess a higher degree of resistance against physical and magical harm. Powerful magical beings are more resistant to harm than weaker beings or mortals. They can survive attacks that would be lethal to others. It also grants a higher tolerance to pain and allows them to recover more quickly.

An example are upper-level witches such as the Charmed Ones. As they grew stronger, their resistance to harm increased. This allowed the sisters to survive powers such as Energy Balls that would have killed others instantly. However, witches are still vulnerable to harm through mortal means, such as being stabbed or shot. Various evil beings possess high resistance, allowing them to withstand physical harm including stab wounds and being shot.

When beings are completely unaffected by a power, they are immune. A related power is Adjusting, which allows beings to resist molecular powers.

Examples of UsersEdit

Upper-Level Witches and Warlocks
Upper-Level Demons
Magical Beings'