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Halliwell Manor


High school student

  • Dated Gabby (formerly)
  • Dated Melissa Harrison (formerly)
  • Dated Tess (formerly, still in love with her)


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Forever Charmed

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Legacy 115: Saving Grace

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Josh Hutcherson

Henry Mitchell Jr. is the youngest child of Paige Matthews and Henry Mitchell, born in 2012. He is the younger brother of Laura and Grace Mitchell. Like his sisters, Henry Jr. is a Whitelighter-Witch, having inherited both magical genes from his mother. He is named after his father and is commonly called "Henry" by his sisters and cousins and "Junior" by his parents and aunts and uncles.


Early LifeEdit

503px-Henry and the Twins

Henry Jr. with his mother and sisters

As noted by Wyatt, six-year old Henry Jr. had spiky brown hair and brown eyes and was a little short for his age. According to Paige, Henry was always more carefree than his sisters.


In high school, Henry Jr. was liked by everyone in school, despite not being involved in any social groups or clubs. He got average grades and dated girls without wanting to get serious. Despite their differences, he was also good friends with his cousin Payton. When finding out his parents were planning on moving to LA for his father's new job, Henry Jr. was upset and refused to leave his life behind, despite his parents telling him he had to go with them due to being a minor. He fought with his family and accused his father of trying to control everything because he didn't like magic.

Henry Jr.'s powers later allowed him to accidentally find Darius, the Spirit of Rage that had fueled the fighting and the family resolved their issues. After the Book of Shadows was returned and the Source revealed as the one behind it all, Paige and Henry still decided to move. However, they had asked his uncle Leo if Henry Jr. could move into the Halliwell Manor with Wyatt and Chris. Henry happily accepted the offer and moved to the manor, while his parents went to LA and his sisters to Paris for college.

Source of All FearEdit

When the demon Barbas brought the cousins fears to life while working with the Source of All Evil, Henry was confronting with his fear of clowns, brought on by the Slappy doll his parents had accidentally sent with his stuff. Slappy was brought to life as a demonic clown that tried to kill him. However, with help from his family, Henry was able to overcome his fear and defeated Slappy.

Halliwell Family Values Edit

Since there was tension between Wyatt and Chris at home after the discovery of Wyatt's secret, Henry went to a fair with his cousin Penny. Some time later, they were approached by Payton, who had become a spirit due to the personal gain of her spell. They then received a message from Chris, asking them to meet the manor.

When Chris set out his plan to defeat the Source, restoring the Nexus to Henry seemed too simple. Once Phoebe's situation was discovered, Henry speculated that it was she who had come from the spring. After discovering that Chris's plan came from the Seer, Henry was sure his cousin had lost his mind, but Wyatt convinced everyone to proceed since the spell needed was the work of the Elders.

Henry took care of the element of the Earth, and when the cousins summoned Phoebe and the Source, Henry orbed his aunt away from the Source. They also tried to use another spell to eliminate the Source, but they were stopped by Phoebe, who revealed that the Source was the son she believed to have lost.

With Mortals Like These Edit

Melinda's boyfriend, Ryan, was possessed, Wyatt took him to the manor and Henry looked in vain for information on the Book of Shadows. Shortly thereafter the cousins discovered that the whole city was owned and took measures to prevent the possessed from entering the manor.

When Chris suggested that Julian could be behind what was happening, Henry found it a plausible hypothesis, being Julian a half-demon. The attempt to free Ryan with a potion failed, and the cousins discovered they could not teleport. When mortals burst into the manor, they split into two groups and flee.

Henry took refuge in a warehouse with Wyatt, Melinda, and Payton; the invaders found them, but before they could attack them, Julian erased his grandmother's spell and released them.

Smells Like Teen Spirit Edit

Henry was invited to a party by his friend Isaac, and went with Payton; at the party he began to flirt with a new student, Tess. Shortly thereafter he and Peyton discovered that a magical creature had attacked Henry's ex-girlfriend, Melissa, and another schoolmate Tommy.

Discovering that Tommy was still at school, Henry and Payton went looking for him, but they could not prevent Tess, and another schoolmate Sean Keller from accompanying them.

Once in school, his cousin told him she had gained the power of invisibility, and struggled to control it, and Henry sensed that he had a crush on Sean.

Shortly thereafter the group split up, and Henry remained alone with Tess, and began to suspect that she was behind everything that was going on. The two were attacked and Tess got rid of their assailant, using photokinesis; the girl at that point decided to trust Henry, and revealed his real name, making the boy understand that he was together with a fairy.

Tess also explained that behind all that was happening, there were Goblins.

In the end the three managed to banish the Goblins, after Henry separated them from the boy they were possessing Neal.

He and Tess decided to keep on seeing each other, even if neither of them considered it a serious relationship.

Past life Edit

Henry's parents punished him for going to a party where they were served and so he could not accompany Tess to a festival. Shortly thereafter, Chris and Wyatt said that they had begun to make strange dreams about Lancelot and King Arthur, the two understood that they were their past lives and cast a spell to relive them. However, the spell also affected Henry and Prue; so Henry found himself reliving the memories of his past life as a stable boy named Kay.

When the effect of the spell ended, the cousins discovered that Morrigan was reborn and that her essence was still linked to the soul of Wyatt; so if Morrigan had been eliminated, Wyatt would have died with her. Henry was angry with Noah since his past life had killed Kay, and he told Chris not to blame himself for what happened because of Lancelot.

Penny Dreadful Edit

Henry forgets some of his textbooks at home, and back to get them he sees Wyatt kissing Dylan. Notwithstanding the surprise he quietly accepted the thing, and found that Wyatt was nervous about how the rest of the family would take the thing, told him that everyone loved him and that it would not change.

Wyatt arranged a dinner to tell the family about his relationship with Dylan. Penny after an argument with Payton and Melinda, decided to leave and when Henry tried to stop her, she inadvertently used her new power on him to hurt him.

Penny felt guilty for the incident and after erasing the memory of what happened to Henry with hypnosis she decided to stay. After Wyatt gave the announcement to the rest of the family, Julian also arrived and informed them that a demon had reopened the P3 and that the invitation they had received was a trap.

This news and the arrival of the demon-witch seemed to make everyone forget what Wyatt had just said, so Henry brought his attention back. Then he left Chris and Wyatt alone, while he and the others tried to identify the demon through the Book of Shadows.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Basic Powers

  • Spell Casting: The ability to cast spells and perform rituals.
  • Potion Making: The ability to brew magical potions.
  • Scrying: The ability to locate beings or objects with a crystal and a map.

Active Powers

  • Intangible Orbing: The ability to deconstruct the body into millions of orbs for a short period of time, allowing the user to move through solid matter and evade physical and magical attacks. Henry can extend his power to others, use it to disrupt powers such as invisibility and free people who are possessed.
  • Orbing: The ability to teleport through the use of orbs. Henry is still in the process of mastering this power.

Passive Powers

  • High Resistance: The ability to be highly resistant to physical and magical harm.

Notes and TriviaEdit

  • Henry Jr. has a phobia of clowns, notably the Slappy doll owned by his mother.
  • He is fairly popular in high school, despite not fitting into any social group. He has dated several girls without ever getting serious until he met Tess.
  • It has been noted several times that Henry is somewhat short.
  • Similar to his mother, Henry initially had trouble mastering his Orbing power. He only started using it in his teens after his mother told him about his potential.
  • His past life is Kay.