Paige heals Piper

Healing is the ability to heal the injuries of other beings. However, it cannot be used to heal the dead, evil beings or self-inflicted wounds. In some occasions, this power can also be used to heal objects and magical artifacts.

This power is triggered by love and is possessed by the Elders, Whitelighters and certain Whitelighter-Witches.




Healing can heal any wound and even bring beings back from the brink of death. However, once a being has died, they can no longer be healed. It also cannot be used to heal evil beings, as shown when Leo once tried to heal Cole and could only heal his mortal side. However, as a hybrid, Paige's healing ability was able to override this limitation when she combined her power with Leo.

Healing is also bound by rules created by the Elders. Healing is not meant to be used for personal gain, and thus is only allowed when beings are injured by evil. However, this rule has often been broken by Leo Wyatt while helping the sisters or others.


All Whitelighters possess healing, though it must be learned to control. One must first realise the trigger is love. Whitelighter-Witches may take years to develop healing. Paige Matthews was first able to access this power on her own when Henry was dying and she realized she loved him.

Healing ObjectsEdit

Healing has been shown to heal objects. This is most often witnessed when it repairs clothing while healing an injury. Leo was also able to repair a pipe and the P3 sign. Additionally, he was able to restore the Book of Shadows after it lost its powers and content.

Notable UsersEdit

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