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Grimoire is a tome of evil magic possessed by the leader of the Underworld. While ruling, the book is owned by the Source of All Evil, but when the Source is vanquished, the book is placed under care of the Infernal Council until a new Source is coronated. It can be seen as an evil counterpart to the Book of Shadows.


The New SourceEdit

This Grimoire first appeared when Cole was set to be coronated as the new Source. The Charmed Ones teamed up with a Wizard to steal the book and prevent this from happening. However, the Wizard betrayed them and tried to become the Source himself by stealing Cole's power, who wanted to give them up. Unfortunately, this was prevented by Phoebe, who was manipulated by the first Seer. The book was then used when Cole and Phoebe entered a dark ceremony to embrace their titles as Source and his Queen of the Underworld.

The Grimoire was next seen when the Seer stole Phoebe's unborn child and tried to become the Source herself. However, she could not handle the power of th unborn child and vanquished herself, the child and all demons present, including the Infernal Council. Leo then orbed the Grimoire away and hid it in the Andes mountains.

The Once and Future EvilEdit

When the demon Nomed tried to steal Wyatt's powers, he revealed he had rediscovered the Grimoire after years of searching. He then ordered a Dark Priest to perform a ritual from the book that would transfer Wyatt's powers to Nomed, killing Wyatt in the process. This ritual was stopped by the arrival of the future version of Wyatt, who vanquished the priest and later Nomed himself. It is unknown what happened to the book after this.


At some point in time, the Grimoire found itself back in the hands of the returned Source of All Evil, who aimed to use it to be coronated as ruler of the Underworld once more. A Dark Priest later attempted to take it to safety, but Elizabeth Turner took him and the book to her mansion. There, she made him summon the essence and then vanquished him. She later used the Grimoire to cast a spell to have all mortals in San Francisco possessed and to summon a Wraith. When Julian turned on her, she escaped with the book.

After Julian reunited with his family and vanquished both the Wraith and Elizabeth, the Halliwells took the Grimoire and stored it somewhere safe.