Violet: "The Grand Design is how things are supposed to happen. The Angels of Destiny try to ensure that it does."
Gideon: "Exactly. But like time, destiny is not set in stone. If it were, there would be no such thing as free will. People are free to form their own paths, not even the Angels can change that."
Violet and Gideon discussing the Grand Design.

The Grand Design is the intended path the universe and all living beings are supposed to follow, although the extant content are known only to the Angels of Destiny, whose responsibility is to maintain it. The design is meant to maintain the balance of the universe, as well as between good and evil.

The Grand Design is one of the very few things that good and evil can agree upon, and both forces will work to maintain it. However, certain individuals on both sides can seek to alter the design to benefit themselves. Furthermore, beings such as the Avatars seek to redesign destiny to create a Utopia in their vision.

Aside from the Angels of Destiny, there are special Children of Destiny, powerful witches born with the ability to alter events in time. These children are born only once every thousand years and are meant to ensure that history happens the right way.

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